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About etis

etis (European Tender Information System) is a service in the field of public procurement in the European Union. It provides a plattform for accessing public tender information in 9 European countries. The service has been developed within an E-Content funded project which started on 01 January 2005 for 22 months. It aims at overcoming restrictions for enterprises in accessing public tender information, especially focussing on the hardly accessible sub-thresholds tenders.


The service is accessible via regional etis affiliate websites run by the etis partners. Hyperlinks to affiliate section

etis targets at the following user groups:

· Businesses and Enterprises

· Public authorities

· Interested Multipliers

· Professionals

These target user groups are actually involved in a pilot and market test phase of the project. The etis service provides the following benefits:

· Improved access to public tenders

· Assistance in efficiently evaluating these in regard of relevance for their business

· Background information on general and legal aspects of public tender information

· Decentralised access to European wide information

· Cooperation and sharing of experiences

The main benefits for the public sector will be the improved publication of tenders leading to more and better offers from interested contractors.